Never a Dull Moment

As we were driving my oldest daughter, Natalie to work yesterday my husband, R.D. and Natalie were reading corny jokes and sayings from online.  Ariyah and I were not amused and did not find humor in there new found fun.  Natalie found a pin that read, “It’s better to have a friend with two chins than with two faces.”  I said, “Wow, you found a pin with that?”  At that moment, Ariyah spoke directly to Natalie with urgency, “Natalie don’t say that! You will hurt mommy’s feelings, because she used to have two chins.”  Wait!What?  I mean I have lost weigh and am now living a healthier lifestyle, but I didn’t see that one coming from her.   It just kinda of caught us off guard.  After dropping Natalie off at work, we were killing time till we could pick her back up after her shift.  We stopped to get Ariyah some chicken strips.  I went to order and the following came out, “I would like a two pissy chicken strips kids meal”.  It took a few seconds for it to register what I had just ordered, but the look on the teenagers face said it all.  I said, “Well, I would like to change that to a two piece chicken strips kids meal. I don’t think we need pissy chicken tonight.”  I could barely hold my composer as I walked away.  Life is to short to not laugh at your self or with your family.  Trust me I would know, because it is always a Hall of a day for us.



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