Just after Thanksgiving in 2014, my father was admitted to the hospital to determine what was making him so sick.  The word that no one wants to hear was uttered to us, cancer.  My heart dropped instantly!  He had already overcome bladder and prostate cancer a few years before, but this was pancreatic cancer.  From the moment he came home I felt I had to do something.  I started researching and learned a lot.  After, watching him go through this disease I made some promises to him and to myself.  I promised myself that I was going to get healthy.  I weighed in at 160lbs at the time.  I started cutting out some things and lost a little.  After many hospital stays for him, I let food start controlling me again.  He passed away May 30, 2016.  My life was forever changed.  I knew I had to get healthy and so my journey began.  I researched and found a Facebook page called Trim Healthy Mama.   A very kind lady gifted me the plan book and cookbook and I dove into reading.  I fully started my journey mid August of 2016 and my life has and will be forever changed.  I am still on a journey to a healthier version of myself.  I am not where I want to be, but I feel so much better.  I have lost thirty-seven pounds so far and all with just changing my eating habits.


One thought on “ME

  1. I have been blessed to be part of some of your journey and I think you are doing an amazing job! Love the blog and I’m so proud of you!!!


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